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High-grade valves and taps

Looking for valves or taps? Then you’ve come to the right place! As Fittingshop is your one-stop shop for ball valves, gas valves, radiator valves and boiler fill sets you are guaranteed to find the very thing you are looking for.

Can’t seem to find the connection you need? Give us a shout and we’ll look for a solution together!

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Valves & Taps

Full-bore ball valve

With lever or butterfly control
With lever or butterfly control Diameters: from 1/2″ – 2″ MF
Max operating pressure: 16 bar
Max temperature: 90 °C (momentarily 110 °C)
With red lever
Cylindrical screw thread
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Valves & Taps

Mini ball valves

With either a red, blue, or green lever
Diameter: 1/2″ MF with or without adapters
With or without loose coupling
Max temperature: 90 °C (momentarily 110 °C)
Cylindrical screw thread
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Valves & Taps

Sanitary water-stop valve

With quarter-turn ball valve
Chrome-plated brass
Quarter turn or with seat
Including valve hole cover
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Valves & Taps

Radiator valves

Thermostatic sensor
Return couplings
Complete radiator sets
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Full-bore ball valves

  • Full-bore ball valves

We stock full-bore ball valves that are either lever or butterfly-control operated. Both are available with an FF and MF connection.
The lever-operated ball valves can be supplied with press connection and built-in discharge valve. Our butterfly-control ball valves also come in an angled version with loose coupling.  And, of course, we always have a range of brass pump couplings in stock.

  • Mini ball valves

As we also specialise in connections and functionalities, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. Our mini ball valves come with either a blue or red butterfly control.  At that, we stock mini ball valves with adapter for Alupex/multilayer pipes and mini ball valves with loose coupling and euro cone connection. The latter are available with either a blue, green, or red lever.
For your convenience, you can even order your ball discharge valves and adapters for Aluplex from us.

  • Sanitation

Our range of sanitary ball valves includes double service taps and water stop valves. Designed to cope with a maximum pressure of 0.6 Megapascal and an operating temperature of up to 100 °C, our double service taps are ideal for all your sanitary applications.

Our water-stop valves come in either a rotary knob or quarter-turn version. Thanks to their chrome-plated brass body and complimentary tap hole cover you are guaranteed a perfect finish.

Gas valves

To interrupt or isolate the gas supply, you can’t go wrong with our gas valves! Our range includes nickel-plated brass FF and MF gas valves and valves with a loose coupling. All our valves have been GAS.BE approved.
Our gas ball valves have a yellow metal lever and are suitable for indoor systems running on natural gas, butane, and propane.
They are available with pre-mounted loose coupling and in various connection diameters from 1/2” to 4/4”.
Can’t seem to find the exact size you need? Give us a shout and we’ll look for a solution together.

Radiator valves

Fittingshop stocks an extensive range of radiator connection sets. Incidentally, we are always happy to supply you with whatever part you need.
All our H-block radiator valves and return couplings are available in a straight or angled version. On the pipe side they come standard with a 3/4” euro cone connection. On the radiator side you can also opt for a ½” M connection.
Our adaptors are suitable for copper or Aluplex connections. Our radiator stops include blind stops and bleed valves. You can also order nipples for your return couplings from us.
And lastly, make the radiators easy to control by fitting them with our ergonomic thermostatic sensors.

Fill sets

Our range includes both the Belgaqua approved fill sets and the old type which is still readily available. Length: 40 cm.

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