Fittingshop Application confidentiality agreement
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Collection and use of personal data

Personal data from your e-shop account is not used for advertising or resale purposes. All these data are confidential and their use is limited to the framework defined by the mobile application or the website.

Cookies and identification data

Your login and password for accessing the application may be stored in the form of a cookie for example, this data is limited to automatic identification when launching the application or connecting to the website.

Disclosure to third parties

None of your data will be distributed to third parties.

Protection of personal data

Your personal data is protected and the sensitive data stored: password and access token, are encrypted.

Access to personal data

Your data is accessible from the window or page dedicated for this purpose on the website.

Geolocation services

To provide geolocation services on Apple products, we ask you in all cases for permission to access this data.

Privacy questions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact us at: