Underfloor heating and fixing accessories

Underfloor heating and fixing accessories

Looking for underfloor heating manifolds, fixing systems, conductive grid film, adapters and other accessories? At Fittingshop you have come to the right place. You will be sure to find what you need in our extensive range.

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Underfloor heating and fixing accessories

Underfloor heating manifolds

From composite
With thermostatically controlled shut-off valves
With Taco flow meter
Temperature range: 4-70°C
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
2 to 12 groups
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Underfloor heating and fixing accessories

Penta rail

Penta heating rail
Suitable for underfloor and wall heating
5 x 0.2 m
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Underfloor heating and fixing accessories

Underfloor heating film

0.2 mm thick
1.1 and 2.2 m wide
100 m2 per roll
Neutral mesh film: 10 cm solid line, 5 cm dotted line
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Underfloor heating and fixing accessories


6 mm long
Polyamide synthetic
Easy to process in all weather conditions
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Underfloor heating manifolds

Our range of manifolds for underfloor heating includes versions with 2 to 12 groups with a 3/4″ eurocone connection.

All our underfloor heating manifolds are equipped with adjustable Taco flow meters, thermostat-controlled stopcocks on the return flow, thermometers, air vents, stopcocks and filling valves.

The underfloor heating manifolds feature a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar and a temperature range between 4 and 70°C.

They are supplied without pump and can be further connected with our adapters for PEX and ALU/PEX multilayer pipe.

Underfloor heating film

In order to make tacking easier, we offer our underfloor heating foil. It can be ordered in 2.2 x 50 metre rolls or 1.1 x 100 metre rolls. The underfloor heating foil is 0.2 mm thick and has a neutral mesh of 10 cm solid line and 5 cm dotted line.

Underfloor heating fixing systems

We offer several fixing systems for securing the underfloor heating pipes.

  • Tacks

    At Fittingshop we sell tacks and the necessary tackers to secure those tacks in the insulation.

  • Master clips and clips

    Installing underfloor heating with a handy clip system? Then use our master clips for wire mats or clips for wire nets. You can also find the tacker for wire nets in our webshop.

  • Penta rails

    Our range also includes Penta floor and wall heating slats and matching fixing brackets. With its convenient rail system, the Penta fixing is suitable for both floor and wall heating installations.

Finally, at Fittingshop we also offer black and white guide bends and black sliding sleeves for your underfloor heating installations. Do you need a particular size or fixing system? Please contact us and together we will find a solution.

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