Pipes and lines

Pipes and lines

Looking for pipes and PLT hoses? At Fittingshop you have come to the right place. Our extensive range includes everything from red lead dyed flues to galvanised central heating pipes. From gas pipes to gas valves and all accessories.
Is a specific connection or size not available? Please contact us and we will look at the options together.

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Pipes and lines

Chromatic galvanised central heating pipe

For central heating applications
In accordance with DIN 2394
Per six-metre length
Diameters from 15 – 108 mm
Pipe thickness from 1.2 – 2 mm
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Pipes and lines

PLT hoses

Stainless steel flexible gas pipe
In accordance with the EN 15266 standard
For indoor installation
Per 25- or 20-metre roll
Available in DN12 to DN32
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Pipes and lines

PLT pipe cutter

Rothenberger pipe cutter
For pipes from 8 to 42 mm
Especially for PLT pipes
2 blades included
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At Fittingshop we offer a wide array of pipes. Our range includes chromatically galvanised central heating pipes, stainless steel pipes, red lead plated flues, galvanised steel pipes and steel gas pipes with yellow powder coating.
The standard length is 6 m.  Red, galvanised and gas pipes are also available in 3-m lengths. The pipes are delivered from our supplier’s warehouse for orders of at least €300.

PLT flexible gas pipe

Our flexible PLT gas pipes are made of stainless steel and finished with a yellow plastic protection. They are the ideal solution for quickly and easily installing new gas pipes indoors.

Our galvanised steel protective plates are available for the protection of the PLT gas pipes. These can be ordered by the metre and are suitable for PLT pipes with a maximum diameter of 28 mm.

In order to cut the PLT pipe and press the screw nut onto the pipe, you can also order a PLT pipe cutter and PLT flattening tool from Fittingshop.

Gas valves

In order to interrupt or divide the gas supply, we provide gas valves. Our range includes brass nickel-plated gas valves FF and MF as well as valves with loose coupling.

The gas valves feature a yellow metal handle and are suitable for indoor installations on natural gas, butane and propane and come with a GAS.BE certificate.

They are available with pre-mounted loose coupling and with various connection diameters from 1/2″ to 4/4″.
Is the size you need not among them? Do not hesitate to contact us, and together we will look for a solution.

Connecting PLT pipes

Connecting PLT pipes to each other or to other applications? At Fittingshop.eu you will find all the supplies you need.

With our push-fit couplings, also known as push fittings, you can switch from PLT pipes to various diameters of external or internal thread.

In addition to these push-fit couplings, we also offer a classic range of threaded couplings.
Important: Do not mix couplings and pipes of different brands.

Still need insulating sleeves and nuts? These are also available in various sizes at Fittingshop.eu. And to finish off the joints safely, we have our yellow self-fusing silicone tape.

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