Cox Geelen flue exhaust system

Cox Geelen flue exhaust system

Are you looking for flue exhaust systems and accessories? Then you have come to the right place at Fittingshop. Our wide range of CoxDENS products includes all manner of pipes: from single-walled to double-walled to PP hoses. All accessories for connecting your flue system can also be ordered from us. Is a particular connection or size not included? Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will explore the options.

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Cox Geelen flue exhaust system

Double wall

Diameter 60/100 mm and 8/125 mm
PP inner pipe
Aluminium outer pipe
With roof support bracket
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Cox Geelen flue exhaust system

Single wall

Diameter 60 and 80 mm
PP pipe
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Cox Geelen flue exhaust system


Diameter 60 and 80 mm
Available in several lengths
PP material
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Cox Geelen flue exhaust system

Connection accessories

Wall ducts
Ceiling ducts
Diameter 60, 80, 60/100 and 80/125 mm
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Single wall flue exhaust pipes

At Fittingshop you can find single-walled PP flue gas pipes, bends, shaft bends, chimney caps and accessories in 60- and 80-mm diameters.

Double wall flue exhaust pipes

For concentric flue systems, we offer CoxDENS double-walled flue pipes. Our range includes double-walled pipes, bends, roof and wall ducts.
Double-walled pipes consist of a PP inner pipe and an aluminium outer pipe. They are available in various lengths and diameters ranging from 60/100 to 80/125 mm.

All accessories such as adhesive plates, lead plates, Vaillant clamps, brackets and seals for heating oil condensate can also be ordered from us.

PP hoses

Fittingshop is also the place to be for flue gas exhausts with PP hoses.

In addition to a full range of components such as hoses, chimney caps, spacers, sleeves, ropes with carabiner and mounting device, our range also includes a number of handy starter sets.

CoxDENS connection accessories

Connecting a concentric flue exhaust system? offers a wide range of wall connection plates and ceiling ducts for double-walled PP pipes. The wall and ceiling ducts always have a concentric connection on the side of the heating unit and a hose connection on the other side. Our CoxDENS range includes:

  • B3 wall connection plate with shaft bend
  • C9 wall connection plate with shaft bend
  • C9 ceiling duct
  • C9 telescopic ceiling duct
  • Connecting a single-walled flue exhaust system? Use the CoxDENS B2 ceiling duct.

All our connection accessories are available in several sizes and diameters, if a specific size is not included, do not hesitate to contact us, and together we will look for a solution.

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