Boiler room accessories

High-grade boiler room accessories

Looking for boiler room accessories? Then you’ve come to the right place! Fittingshop stocks everything from overflow valves to air vent valves, water filters, differential-pressure regulators, dirt separators, water hammer arresters, pressure reducers and safety groups.

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Boiler room accessories

Pre-mounted pressure vessel console

Pre-mounted, complete with:
3 bar safety valve
Vent valve
3/4” shut-off valve
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Boiler room accessories

Miniluft CP – automatic air vent valve

Polymer body with water trap
Pmax: 6 bar
Max venting pressure: 4 bar
Max temperature: 100 °C
Max glycol percentage: 30 %
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Boiler room accessories

Magnetic filter with valves

Dirt separator with magnet
Complete with discharge valve
For horizontal, vertical, and diagonal pipes
Temperature: 0 °C to 90 °C
Pmax: 40 bar
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Boiler room accessories

Pressure reducer – Rinox Plus Smart M

Pressure reducer with diaphragm
Complete with adjustment button
Replaceable cartridge with filter
Body made of dezincification-resistant brass
1/4” F pressure gauge connection
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Prescomano overflow valve

Our Prescomano overflow valve, also known as a safety valve, has a brass body and is fitted with a pressure gauge, making the pressure in any central heating system easy to check. Once the pressure exceeds 3 bar, the overflow valve opens.

Pressure vessel consoles

Our pressure vessel consoles are wall consoles with a 3/4” connection. The expansion vessel consoles have a steel body with a lacquered, red finish. We carry anything from bare pressure vessel consoles without coupling to fully pre-mounted pressure vessel consoles with expansion vessel coupling and pressure gauge. In sum, we can supply you with anything you could possibly need. We also sell pressure vessel consoles for sanitary and heating systems, including separate expansion vessel couplings with a 3/4” inside thread.

Air vent valves/degassers

We carry 3 different types of air vent valves and degassers for boilers, including all the various connections. Designed for a maximum glycol percentage of 30 %.

The Airterm UP air separator continuously removes micro bubbles from the central heating system. It is an automatic air separator that is suitable for horizontal and vertical pipes and has a brass body.

The Vasa Automatic Degasser has a nickel-plated body and is supplied without a water trap. The automatic degasser is suitable for both high-pressure and low-pressure systems, but, in the latter case, in combination with a ball valve only.
The Miniluft CP Automatic air vent valve has a polymer body and comes with a water trap. Maximum pressure: 6 bar; venting pressure: 4 bar.

Water hammer arrester

Our water hammer arrester prevents water hammer and banging pipes. It has a 1/2” connection, is designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and to cope with temperatures of up to 90 °C. The water hammer arrester has a brass body and compensates for the pressure differences in water pipes by acting like a kind of air cushion.

Dirt separators

Our magnetic dirt separators keep the water and pump in the heating system clean. A good-quality filter extends the useful life of the boiler, reduces service costs and the chance of malfunctions.

Our magnetic dirt separators have a polymer body and are designed to operate at temperatures of 0 to 90 °C. From compact dirt separators that can be fitted underneath the boiler to the more complex, magnetic dirt separators with built-in discharge valve… you name it, we’ve got it!

Water filters

All our water filters come standard with a mounting bracket. We can also supply you with their 3/4” brass hexagon socket head screws. Single filters do not have a cartridge. Double filters are fitted with a fine filter and a carbon filter. Triple filters come with an additional coarse filter.

We also stock replacement filters, like levelling and O rings. The fine filters are available in a woven rope finish, or a melt blown version. The coarse filters are made of polyester and are washable.

Differential-pressure regulators

Our differential-pressure regulator, also known as a bypass valve, has a brass body and is designed to operate at a temperature of 110 °C maximum. It prevents pressure differences in central heating systems, thereby ensuring a constant flow to protect the boiler pump against overloading. Our range comprises differential-pressure regulators with 3/4”, 1” and 22 mm connections.

Pressure reducers

Our Rinox pressure reducers come with a 3 bar factory setting.

The maximum intake pressure is 25 bar (for cold water); the maximum operating temperature is 80 °C.
The Rino X Plus Smart M pressure reducer is diaphragm operated. It has a dezincification-resistant brass body and comes with an adjustment button. The removable cartridge has a replaceable filter.

The Rinox Due Silver has a nickel-plated brass body and a stainless-steel seat. The pressure reducer is fitted with a piston and an FF connection.

Safety groups

As central heating systems are closed systems, the way to prevent overpressure in the boiler is to fit a safety group. Our range includes inlet combinations for various safety groups with a 3/4” connection, a non-return valve, an overflow valve and a shut-off valve.

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