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Galvanised steel – Curved 90° press fitting

Suitable for sanitary applications
Diameter between 15mm to 108mm
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Aquagas – Socket fitting

Suitable for heating, plumbing and gas applications
Diameter between 15 mm and 54 mm
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Threaded fitting – Nipple

Suitable for gas, plumbing and heating applications
Min temperature 20-120° Celsius and max. pressure 16 Bar
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Multilayer press LBP – M press

Suitable for plumbing, heating and water applications
Diameter between 16×2 mm and 32×3 mm
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Fittings for different uses

Whether you need fittings for water or gas lines, Fittingshop offers a wide range of fittings designed to allow you to order the right one for every application. Are you unable to find a specific size? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will look at the options together.

Aquagas M/F

Aquagas M and F press fittings are approved for both water (heating and sanitary systems) and gas applications in Belgium, Germany and a number of other countries. Provided that the O-ring is replaced with a green Viton O-ring, these press fittings can also be used in solar installations.

Aquagas M press fittings must be pressed with M-profile jaws and Aquagas V press fittings must be pressed with V-profile jaws. The stock range spans from 15 mm to 54 mm in diameter.

The fittings are equipped with a LEAK BEFORE PRESS system (if the fitting is not pressed it will leak).

Fittings galvanised steel M/F

Our galvanised steel fittings are suitable for central heating applications in Belgium. The fittings are equipped with an O-ring in EPDM with press control (if the fitting is not pressed, it will leak).

The galvanised steel M fittings must be pressed with M-profile jaws and the galvanised steel V press fittings must be pressed with V-profile jaws.

We offer fittings ranging from 15 mm to 108 mm in diameter.

Threaded fitting

You need threaded fittings? At Fittingshop you have a choice of threaded fittings suitable for central heating and water applications. We offer a vast array of threaded fittings in cast iron, galvanised steel and brass.

The maximum operating range is -20°C and 25 bar. Our threaded fittings are fitted with a conical outer thread and a cylindrical inner thread.

We stock a large number of fittings of various sizes. Visit our webshop for the full range.

Press coupling – Multilayer press (LBP)

Press couplings are used for heating and sanitary water applications. Approved in the Netherlands (KIWA) and Germany (DVGW).

The LBP multilayer press is suitable for TH, U, F, B, H pressing jaws. Various sizes are available from 16×2 mm to 32×3 mm in diameter.

All our multilayer press couplings are equipped with a “Leak Before Press” (LBP) indicator allowing you to see at a glance which fittings are not connected correctly.

Compression fitting

For copper and thin-walled steel pipes

Suitable for both heating and sanitary applications. Also applicable to gas in the Netherlands.

Available for pipes from 12 mm to 28 mm in diameter


For multilayer pipes

Suitable for both heating and sanitary applications.

Available for pipes from 16 mm to 32 mm in diameter

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